Mac OS x Server
Apple has bundled technologies into Mac OS X Server that saves tremendous money, time, and effort when deploying and supporting Macs in larger networks. Creativetechs has the real-world experience to help you take full advantage of these cost-saving tools in Mac OS X Server:

Open Directory — Open Directory provides control of not just your Macintosh network, but every machine on the network, providing complete and centralized management of the user experience. A properly configured Open Directory installation lays the foundation for many other powerful features in Mac OS X Server.

NetInstall and NetBoot — NetInstall allows the configuration and deployment of multiple machines across your network simultaneously. NetBoot goes a step further, running multi-user, high turnover machines directly from the server. Both can save time and money by getting users up and running quickly and efficiently.

Portable Home Directories — Portable Home Directories synchronize each user’s personal data to the server, allowing for a faster, leaner, and more manageable backup system. They also free users from being tied to a single machine, allowing for greater flexibility and less service down-time.

Xsan — In larger Mac networks, Apple’s Xsan storage software helps consolidate and manage high volumes of data, providing high-performance and high-availability file services. Originally marketed to video production, Xsan now helps corporate IT departments maximize their growing storage resources.

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“I can handle 95% of what happens here at Costco, but when things are not working, as they should, it’s great to have a team like Creativetechs I can call for a deeper knowledge base.”
Mark Williamson,
Mac System Administrator,

Mac/Windows Integration
Mac OS X is designed to fit comfortably into your existing Windows networks. Creativetechs can help your company’s Macs become good corporate citizens.

Active Directory — By properly leveraging Active Directory accounts for your Macintosh systems, you can take advantage of the single-sign-on features and password policies your Windows users enjoy now. Just as importantly, it empowers the people who use your Macintosh systems, minimizing their frustration and your support issues.

Corporate Email — Collaboration tools are the lifeblood of today’s work environment. We’ve helped hundreds of Mac-based creative departments figure out how to integrate fully with their Exchange, Lotus Notes, and open-source mail and calendar systems.

Windows Virtualization — When your Mac users still have that one essential task they need Windows for, Creativetechs can help set up Windows on their Mac workstation. Or, when your whole Mac-based company needs an important Windows service, we can set up a Windows Server installation running safely on your existing XServe.

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“Creativetechs brought in a MacBook Pro that was loaded up with Windows, and let us load Lotus Notes onto it and see how that worked. That let us see what the speed was, and test all sorts of things that I would not have been able to do otherwise…”
Kurt Jones,
Senior Graphic Designer,

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