This is it folks! Jason Hoppe’s worldwide 10-Week Photoshop Course is complete. It has been a blast. We’ve really enjoyed meeting so many of you over the last many weeks together.

We have full downloadable recordings of the live course available for purchase. Which is great if you missed any of the weeks along the way. We’re going to keep the discounted $65 offer going for two more weeks:

Purchase: Special: Online Bundle of all 10-Weeks ($65 Special)

Purchase: Photoshop Wk 1 – Basics ($15)
Purchase: Photoshop Wk 2 – Layers ($15)
Purchase: Photoshop Wk 3 – Selection Basics ($15)
Purchase: Photoshop Wk 4 – Advanced Selections ($15)
Purchase: Photoshop Wk 5 – Layer Masks ($15)
Purchase: Photoshop Wk 6 – Pen Tool ($15)
Purchase: Photoshop Wk 7 – Brush Tools ($15)
Purchase: Photoshop Wk 8 – Retouching ($15)
Purchase: Photoshop Wk 9 – Color Correction Pt1 ($15)
Purchase: Photoshop Wk 10 – Color Correction Pt2 ($15)
Purchase: Photoshop Bonus – Color Management Theory ($15)

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Note: These bundles are for online access to the videos and PDFs (which you can also download to your personal computer for long-term access).

Includes Retouch Tuesday Recordings: We’ll be include in recordings of the next three Retouch Tuesday sessions in the full online purchase (sorry, we don’t have a good recording of our first Retouch Tuesday, but more great ones are coming!).

I’m starting work on a physical DVD set. We hope to have that available by the end of April. It looks like that is going to take more work than I originally anticipated. Once that DVD set is done, we’ll offer it at our cost to anyone who has already purchased the downloads. So anyone buying the downloads today still gets a better deal.

The cost of each week’s download includes a 1-hour QuickTime movie of that week’s class, along with a PDF handout, and up to 1-hour of extra audience Q&A. We’re offering a special prepurchase discount of the full 10-weeks.

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