What better way to spend Halloween night than with George Romero’s classic 1968 zombie flick. Start the download, pick up the popcorn, and huddle around the computer screen while you stay up late for the trick-or-treaters.

Night of the Living Dead lapsed into the public domain due to neglected copyright notices and can be freely downloaded, copied and shared.

Note: The main zombie attacks don’t start until about an hour into the film — you’ll have to judge the appropriateness of watching this movie in your creative studio.

Get Night of the Living Dead on DVD.

NightOfTheLivingDead-Poster.jpgYou can also download a copy of the movie for iPod, or to burn onto a DVD for your television. Go directly to the Google Video link:

“Night of the Living Dead” on Google Video.

Then download a QuickTime .mp4 file to your computer. Choose the Video iPod/Sony PSP download option in Google Video.


The resulting 398MB QuickTime file can be burned to standard video DVD using Apple’s iDVD software.

Source: We debated the appropriateness of a tip featuring flesh-eating zombies. However it is far less disturbing than this Indian re-make of Michael Jackson’s Thriller.

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