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What does WikiLeaks and the CIA mean for Mac and iPhone/iPad Users?

10 Quick thoughts on security that you can implement today.

Another day, another wave of scary headlines.

Lets agree that data security is important.

Lets agree (for the moment, and politics aside) that for most of us we have nothing to hide from the government, and that it is illegal for the US Government to spy on American citizens.

Now that we have that out of the way, most of the hacks in the released documents have been patched. So, make sure you keep your macOS and iOS devices security updates current.

  1. Many of the hacks required physical access to the device. Always be sure that on your iOS device you are securing it with a key code – and better yet, touchID. Set the device to wipe after 10 incorrect attempts, and make sure you have backups.
  2. Use Complex Passwords. And don’t use the same password everywhere. Make your password a sentence, use spaces or dashes between words, include punctuation and replace a letter with a number.
  3. “Crasheda55Chevy” is a good password. “Crashed-a-55-Chevy!” is even better.
  4. Secure your passwords with a password manager like 1Password or LastPass. If you choose to keep your passwords in a spreadsheet, for the love of all things good, please don’t call it “Passwords”
  5. For Mac users, avoid Adobe Flash if you can. If you can’t, make sure it is always up to date. Same goes for Java.
  6. Be diligent. Don’t install software from vendors you don’t know or trust. It is always safest to use software from the Mac App Store. Don’t install software that will “Clean your Mac” or “Keep you safe” unless we recommend it to you. There is a lot of bad stuff out there. (Do NOT use MACKEEPER – It is absolutely Malware)
  7. Install and run ClamXAV and MalwareBytes.
  8. Set your computer to require a password to login, and require one when it wakes from sleep.
  9. If you want to watch “adult videos” – do them on your iPad or iPhone. Its much safer.
  10. Don’t use a web browser on your TV. If possible, don’t use any features of a “SmartTV”. Those providers do a terrible job of securing data in transmission, and an even worse job of updating their software for security.

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We’ll keep you safe so you can sleep at night.