Seattle Photographer Chase Jarvis has posted a fun 3-minute video showing a slick DIY laptop case his team put together for outdoor location shoots. Great for those hard to reach environments where you can’t fit your Mac Pro and 30-inch flat-screen in the helicopter with the rest of your gear.


The travel kit is built around a rugged, waterproof Pelican 1490 laptop case, and includes a fold-out screen shade, hidden firewire drives for working files and a backup, plus flashcard storage and reader. Chase throws in a fun twist for reviewing images with your creative director using the new Apple remote. The parts cost about $250 and it takes a couple hours to put together.

Read more about this in the full post on the Chase Jarvis Blog:

Link: Photography Laptop Case (aka Pimp Your Laptop Case)

This laptop case was recently mentioned on the popular Strobist blog and the YouTube video was viewed almost 5,000 times in the first five days.

The Chase Jarvis Shopping List:

ChaseJarvis-Shopping.pngAs an experiment, we threw together a quick shopping list at with most of the items from this video:

Link: Creativetechs Amazon Store

We couldn’t find Amazon links for the Little Hotties Adhesive Toe Warmers that Chase uses in cold weather to drastically increase his laptop battery life. Nor could we find velcro tape (you can probably track that down locally).

Note: This is an Amazon aStore. Amazon credits our account a couple cents for any purchases made from this link. If you’d rather not support our book fund, just start shopping from Amazon’s main site.

Source: Creativetechs’ Craig Swanson has recently been asked by a few clients to do a little consulting on blogging and online marketing. This video is one of Chase’s first experiment at creating a viral video to spur some word-of-mouse PR.

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