This morning Jason Hoppe led his Moving Faster in InDesign CS4 and CS3 workshop. My adrenaline is still pumping. It was a fantastic workshop. A total of 395 people attended from across the globe.

Hopefully, some participants from today’s workshop will leave comments on what this was like from their side.

I’m bummed. We use Screenflow to record this webinars. It is normally a great tool, but today’s event didn’t record properly, which means we don’t have a copy for download. So, we are going to run this webinar again next week so I can get a clean recording:

Free Webinar: Moving Faster in InDesign CS4 and CS3.

Don’t Miss Out! We’re offering a command performance Thursday, Feb 12th. It’s free. And this time we’re opening the doors for up to 1,000 participants. Please, help us put out the word!

Webinar Participants From Around the Globe.

I pulled a world map showing where people joined us today. Ranging from cities across the United States:

– Long Island, NY
– Alexandria, VA
– Greenville, SC
– Broken Arrow, OK
– Dallas, Texas
– Bend, OR

And around the world:

– Melbourne, Australia
– Zagreb, Croatia
– Helsinki, Finland
– South Africa
– Berkshire, Great Britain
– Amsterdam, The Netherlands

This is amazing to me. We are having a lot of fun here in Seattle, and we are really enjoying opening these workshops up to the world.

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