Here’s an update to a tip we originally posted in 2009. Every graphic designer eventually finds themselves facing this client request. You’ve designed a newsletter layout in Adobe InDesign. The client loves it, but they want a template in Microsoft Word they can edit themselves.   Creativetechs happens to be located in Seattle, just […]

Here are a few of our favorite tips, in no particular order, for optimizing and using iOS 7. 1. Reduce Motion. It doesn’t look as cool, but it makes the interface feel even a bit quicker. Best of all, it doesn’t make you dizzy. Settings / General / Accessibility / Reduce Motion.   2. Larger […]

Oftentimes, your Creative Techie will ask you to “Safe Boot” your computer. Safe booting is an invaluable diagnostic tool that Apple has included in their computers since 2002. Specifically, it can allow your computer to get up and running at times when the occurrences of corrupt files would otherwise impede this action. This makes the […]

Have you lost track of that important email? Can you only remember part of the necessary information for a successful search? Don’t worry, Apple has included a valuable and intuitive new way to search in the newest version of mail. The Problem: The modern Mail user is in need of more and more email accounts. […]

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