This is it folks! Jason Hoppe’s worldwide 10-Week Photoshop Course is complete. It has been a blast. We’ve really enjoyed meeting so many of you over the last many weeks together. We have full downloadable recordings of the live course available for purchase. Which is great if you missed any of the weeks along the […]

I’ve been looking at various online tools to create an international calendar for our worldwide training program. I ran into this handy world clock map you can easily embed in a blog. It doesn’t solve our immediate problem, but it was interesting enough that I wanted to try it out!

Lots of web designers rely on Chris Pedrick’s Web Developer extension for Firefox. It’s one of many reasons Firefox is such a popular browser for web development. I’ve used this Firefox every week for years. We covered this in a tip back in 2006: Archive Tip: Great Web Developer extension for Firefox. So you may […]

Make Mac Work is our sister blog focused on helping people who manage Macs in larger Enterprise environments. We’ve been working behind the scenes, and today we’re unveiling a clean new look to the site: Jordan has updated most of the article archives for Mac OS 10.5 Leopard. For a sense of this site’s technical […]

Every image is different. Once you learn retouching fundamentals, there is still so much more to learn. Thus, we bring you Retouch Tuesday. We’re asking you to send in your real-life photos. We’ll pick a couple retouching challenges, and each Tuesday, we’ll invite a few couple participants from around the world to join Jason for […]

Need to build some Flash skills? Swinburne University in Australia has posted almost 10 hours of free Flash videos taught by members of their design faculty. You can access the tutorials directly from their podcasts website, or subscribe in iTunes: Swinburne Podcasts: Faculty of Design – Flash iTunes U: Swinburne University Flash Tutorials This collection […]

If you are looking for a good way to get a handle on various online social marketing tools, there is no better place to start than with these short "Plain English" videos from Common Craft: Video: LinkedIn Video: Social Media Video: Podcasting Video: Twitter Video: Blogging Video: Social Bookmarking Video: Social Networking Sites Video: RSS […]

You know all about Photoshop. You’ve worked in Illustrator. But Flash remains a mystery. That’s about to change. In this special, free, 90-minute workshop, instructor Erik Fadiman helps you leverage what you already know about Photoshop and Illustrator to start working in Flash for the first time. Sign-up for this special class here: Sign-Up: Flash […]

This is a full recording of a one-hour personalized retouching session between trainer Jason Hoppe and photographer Gary Gross of Dog Photography of New York. Gary kindly gave us permission to use this recording as an example of how our private 1-on-1 training works. Jason is available for private 1-on-1 Photoshop training to anyone around […]

There are three basic tools I need as a modern technical consultant: A flash drive to keep software utilities handy; a small screwdriver to open the occasional computer case; and (most importantly) a steady supply of business cards for referrals and introductions as I talk with people during the day. I’ve spent more time than […]

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