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Free 10-Week Photoshop Course. (2009)


I’d like to take a break from our normal tips format to announce something big. Creativetechs is offering off a free, 10-week, worldwide, Photoshop course.

Want to enroll? Sign-up here: Photoshop CS4 Course Enrollment.

Jason Hoppe, our Adobe Certified Instructor, has designed a comprehensive course that covers Photoshop CS4 in detail. If you’ve been meaning to improve your Photoshop skills, now is the perfect opportunity:

Week 1, Feb 26 (2009) – Interface, Tools, and Shortcuts
Week 2, Mar 5 – Photoshop Layers
Week 3, Mar 12 – Selections
Week 4, Mar 19 – Advanced Selections
Week 5, Mar 26 – Masks
Week 6, Apr 2 – Pen Tool / Shape Layers
Week 7, Apr 9 – Drawing Tools / Brushes
Week 8, Apr 16 – Retouching
Week 9, Apr 23 – Color Correction pt 1
Week 10, Apr 30 – Color Correction pt 2

And yes, you can pass this offer along to friends, or even post it on your blog. Help spread the word. We need a minimum of 1,000 people enrolled to make this free class viable.

Read on for an extended Q&A, and to ask your own questions in the comments.

Q: What Time Do Classes Start?

A: That depends on where you live. People attend these workshops from all over the world. We start at 11AM Thursday mornings in Seattle. Here are the start times for time zones in the United States:

2PM – Eastern (New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Florida)
1PM – Central (Chicago, Minneapolis, Dallas)
12PM – Mountain (Denver, Phoenix)
11AM – Pacific (Seattle, Los Angeles)
10AM – Alaska
9AM – Hawaii

For international participants, follow this link to see how 11AM in Seattle translates to around time zones around the world: What time is 11AM in Seattle? Here are some example start times for different cities:

7PM – London, Dublin, Casablanca, Reykjavik
8PM – Amsterdam, Madrid, Oslo, Prague, Zagreb
9PM – Athens, Jerusalem, Johannesburg, Kyiv
10PM – Moscow, Baghdad, Khartoum
11PM – Dubai, United Arab Emirates
2AM Friday – Bangkok, Hanoi, Jakarta
3AM Friday – Hong Kong, Beijing
4AM Friday – Tokyo, Seoul, Perth
5AM Friday – Brisbane, Vladivostok
6AM Friday – Sydney, Melbourne
8AM Friday – Auckland

Q: How Long Are Classes?

A: Each class is 60 minutes long, with an additional 30-45 minutes for audience questions. The Q&A is typically pretty valuable, so plan to stick around if you can.

Q: What If I Don’t Have Photoshop CS4?

A: This class is taught with Photoshop CS4 on the Macintosh. However most of the learning applies to earlier versions of Photoshop, as well as PC users.

Q: How Many People Can Attend Each Webinar?

A: Our Webinar tool, GoToWebinar, has a limit of 1,000 attendees per class. Based on the popularity of free Photoshop training, we expect to reach that limit on many classes.

Q: Can I Download Recorded Copies of Classes?

A: We record a high-resolution copy of each class, and we plan to make recorded copies available for a slight fee. If a class does not record properly (which has happened before) we’ll typically run a special repeat of that class in order to capture a clean recording.

Q: Can I Record Copies of the Class Myself?

A: Sure. Once you’ve logged on as an attendee, you are free to record a class using any number of screen recording tools. While we don’t mind you recoding these classes for your own use, we do ask that you don’t post those recordings on the Internet, or share them with others.

Q: How Can This Be Free?

A: We are trying to make a big splash, and we love working with a large audience. Help us spread the word. If we continue to attract a full audience, we’ll be able to keep offering these types of free courses for InDesign, Illustrator, Fireworks, Dreamweaver, and other Adobe products.

Q: Why Are You Doing This?

A: That’s a question I get a lot as I describe our crazy free-training scheme. A big part is that both Jason and I love this type of teaching. We’ve put a lot of work into this format over the years, and it is gratifying seeing larger and larger numbers of people benefit from what we are sharing.

From a business-side, we’re testing a theory. I believe that over the long-run we’ll end up generating more income by giving classes like these away for free, than we have made so far selling one workshop at a time. The live webinars themselves are free. We’ll charge a small fee for recorded copies of previous classes and other downloads. We’ll see how that works out.

Q: How Long Did It Take to Develop This Hybrid Format?

A: We’ve spent the last two years developing a new approach to software training for today’s creative professionals. We started with live weekly mini-workshops in our Seattle classroom. We experimented with online webinars. This year we combined the two with our new hybrid workshop/webinar training format.

Last month we started stress-testing our system to see how many participants we can handle at one time (with terrific results).

Q: Can I Post an Invitation on my Blog?

A: Yes. Please help spread the word. We need as many people as possible enrolled to make this free class format viable for us. You can post a link to the following URL, which we will keep updated as details change:

As a thank-you, we’ll be posting a regular list of the top blogs and websites where people found out about this unique free Photoshop class.

62 thoughts on “Free 10-Week Photoshop Course. (2009)

  1. I will be at work during your classes so I will be very interested in the recorded classes. When might the recorded classes be made available? Please keep me posted. Looks like a great webinar. Thanks.

  2. I sub once a week each Thursday at 1PM CST for approximately 30 minutes. Is it possible to join the classes midstream? If not, please keep me posted as to the cost and date of availability. I’m crushed that I can’t attend the whole webinar. Love your CreativeTechs Tip site and website!

  3. I will be busting my hump at work, however I will do my best to record this as I could really use this skill. I will I guess be there in spirit. Thank you for doing this.

  4. I’ve got Photoshop Elements on my Mac- will the webinar be useful if I’m not using the full Photoshop CS?

  5. My question is similar to the post before mine: I have CS3 for pc, not Mac. Will the webinar apply to me? Thank you.

  6. I think I’d like to go for the course online. I do live in the Seattle area and would be interested in the classroom course but it appears to be full at this time. If I’m mistaken about this please let me know.

  7. I am very definitely interested but have questions. I have Photoshop 7 for PC. I am in Seattle and can attend the classroom course — is it full or not? — but would prefer to attend online. Please let me know about availability at the earliest possible time. Thank you so much.

  8. I have just registered forthe Photoshop CS4 class, what now? Where do I login for the class or / and how does it work. I am using photoshop CS3 what is the difference and will I benifit from the course.

    Thanks, it looks like a brilliant idea and course, definately will recommend it once I know how it works.

  9. Same as above, I registered but didn’t receive any logon or how to get started instructions. Please let me know so that I can ensure that my workplace network will allow me to join. Thank you for the opportunity!

  10. Yeah, I just clicked on this link in the confirmation email and it said “website not found” (I assume this is how you confirm):

    “Click here to confirm your subscription to our list.”

    Would love to sign up for this still.

    PS. How does one “record” a session? I don’t know what tool(s) to use.

  11. Hi Greg! ey al

    I just posted your link on BizNik to the “Creative Professionals Meet Up!” … it’s when this is running so I suggested they sign on and join in.

    Speaking of joining in, why aren’t you on BizNik? I’m sending you an invite! 🙂

    Looking forward to this event …

  12. will the adobe photoshop extended CS4 Student Edition be acceptable? I actually don’t even know the difference between the regular edition and the student edition. 🙂

  13. Question: What is the average size in mB of a 60 minute webinar in this Photoshop Course? I am limited in the amount of downloading per day due satellite Internet access policy and don’t want to exceed the limit.

  14. Thank you for offering this free class! I am anxious to learn some new things. I posted your blog entry in the digital scrapbooking forums I frequent – a niche I thought you may not have advertised to. Hopefully this will help spread the word 🙂

  15. so how do i view the classes? i’m not sure if i’m just being thick but i don’t know where i should be going to view the classes?

  16. I have CS4 for my PC. Are there major differences that will make it hard to learn because this program is designed for the Mac? Will we PC users benefit from this or get confused…:)

  17. I have Photoshop Elements 4.0 on my MAC. Should this workshop be of help to me?
    Thanks so much for your generosity.

  18. The response above from Craig Swanson says: An email will be going out Monday morning to everyone who has signed up for this Photoshop class with webinar login instructions. I never received the email and the class starts today. Would you please tell us how to join. Thank you!

  19. Pam,

    An email went out Monday morning to the people who signed up for the email notifications. Another email will be sent about 2 hours befor the class starts. If you signed up for those emails, but have not received them, you may want to check your spam filters. I just emailed you a link directly.

    IMPORTANT – Only the first 1,000 people can attend. GoToWebinar supports a maximum of 1,000 attendees per webinar. There are currently 2,276 people signed up to receive these email notifications. We don’t expect everyone who is enrolled to actually sign-in today, but there is a good chance we’ll hit our 1,000 limit. So sign-in early to make sure you get your spot.

  20. Can I just double check, do I have to have Voip and Go to meeting installed to view and participate in this course??

  21. Any possibility of adding an alternate day for this and other webinars in the future. Thursdays are impossible for me as it is our busiest day at my job.
    thx! 🙂

  22. This is Good Web site And Good… Sir Plz Send Latest Photo Shop Tips To My Mail Id…My Ambition A Good Graphics Engineer In India… Sir Plz Help Me….

    Midhun Mohan

  23. I signed up 2 times and still have not received any info on how to view the class which starts in 2 hours.

  24. I just found this fabulous resource! Thank YOU!…I missed the first class…watched the 10 min overviews…Will I be able to join you for the second class this week? (March 5)? Or Do you have to have been one of the original 1000 that signed up? Thanks for the help.

  25. Whoops Just got the e mail saying asking me to register for this week. Thanks for the promptness.

  26. Just discovered this great resource, also. Missed the first session, and have signed up for the other 9 sessions. How do I get the info from the FIRST session, please? Do you respond to these enquiries?


  27. Hi

    I missed the first two sessions and I am very much interested in them. Can you please let me know when the recordings will be available.


  28. Hi, I have to go to hospital when the bonus class on Colour Management is scheduled (April 1st). Can you tell me :-

    1) Will the Colour Management class be included in the full (10 week) package which is available for pre-purchase?
    2) For how long is the full 10 weeks available for pre-purchase @ $50 please?



    PS. I posted you all a “big up” as requested. 🙂

  29. hi, sounds very interesting, is there another course coming any time soon?

  30. I am really interested in learning photoshop. is there any photoshop class in near future? Thanks!

  31. ahh…i missed it. please let me know if there will be a course like this in the near future. thanks!

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