What better way to spend Halloween night than with George Romero’s classic 1968 zombie flick. Start the download, pick up the popcorn, and huddle around the computer screen while you stay up late for the trick-or-treaters. Night of the Living Dead lapsed into the public domain due to neglected copyright notices and can be freely […]

We try to do something different with our tips newsletter on holidays. So in honor of Halloween we’d like to share a fun collection of Halloween papercraft templates created by artist Ray O’Bannon at his RavensBlight website: RavensBlight Paper Toys Here you’ll find an assortment of PDF templates, all free for you to print out […]

In any given month three or four designers ask us for a good way to print type specimen books. While several tools offer this ability, here are our current favorites: Vennix’s Font Tools 6.0 (screenshot shown here) prints meaningful font specimen pages, not only from active fonts, but from inactive fonts as well. It sports […]

The October issue of the Creative Business newsletter has a valuable two-page white paper titled “How To Answer: I’d Like The Computer Files”, which discusses the legal and business issues involved when a client requests a copy of the original files used to build a recent project. This increasingly common client request can pose a […]

About once a month, a client will ask how to hang punctuation in Adobe InDesign CS. We’ve answered this same question dozens of times — yet I still find myself hunting around through menus to remember which dialog box contains the needed checkbox! This tip covers hanging punctuation techniques in Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Freehand MX, […]

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