As we head into America’s July 4th holiday weekend, I was looking for something fun to lighten things up. Ah, yes. This should do nicely. Here is a five minute music video with the inimitatable Deke McClelland singing (rapping?) out 101 Photoshop Tips in just over five minutes.

We transcribed all 101 tips, so do check out the full list. Even the most seasoned Photoshop expert should discover plenty of gems. My own list included tips 14, 62, 80, 81, 85 and 98.

101 Photoshop Tips Transcribed:

We’ve transcribed all 101 tips here. To fit our Mac-centric audience a little better, we’ve switched everything around to the default Mac keyboard commands.

  1. Want to copy a Layer? Jump it: Command-J
  2. You a Windows user? Press Control instead of Command.
  3. For a new Layer: Command-Shift-N
  4. To Delete a Layer, hit the Move Tool (v) and Command-Delete.
  5. Every letter selects a tool. Except for:
  6. F for Fullscreen.
  7. Q for QuickMask.
  8. D for Default colors.
  9. X for Switch colors.
  10. Press a Number to change Opacity.
  11. …or Two Numbers for better Control.
  12. Shift-Plus (+) to Advance a Blend Mode.
  13. Shift-Minus (-) to Go Back one Blend Mode.
  14. Shift-Option+[a letter] for a specific Blend Mode
    (Dissolve=I, Multiple=M, Screen=S, Overlay=O, Soft Light=F, Hard Light=H, Linear Light=J, Vivid Light=J, Pin Light=Z, Color Dodge=D, Color Burn=B, Darken=K, Lighten=G, Difference=E, Exclusion=X, Hue=U, Saturation=T, Color=C, Luminosity=Y, Behind=Q)
  15. Windows Folks, Option means Alt for shortcuts.
  16. Command-Plus (+) Zooms In.
  17. Command-Minus (-) Zooms Out.
  18. Spacebar gets the Hand so you can drag the image around.
  19. Command-Spacebar = Zoom Tool In.
  20. Option-Spcebar = Zoom Tool Out.
  21. Command-Spacebar-Drag to zoom in on a specific area.
  22. Command-Z for Undo.
  23. Command-Option-Z Steps Back one action.
  24. Command-Shift-Z Steps Forward one action.
  25. Command-Shift-F Fades the last edit.
  26. F12 = Revert Document.
  27. Hey! You can even Undo a Revert!
  28. Command-X = Cut.
  29. Command-C = Copy.
  30. Command-V = Paste.

Deke sings about how wonderful he is…

  1. Image Size = Command-Option-I.
  2. It’s partner, Canvas Size = Command-Option-C.
  3. Command-F repeats the last Filter.
  4. Command-Option-F repeats last Filter with Different Settings.
  5. Using Selection Tools: Drag to start a new selection.
  6. …or drag to move a selection outline.
  7. add to a section using Shift.
  8. delete from a selection using Option.
  9. …find the intersection holding down Shift-Option.
  10. …Press Spacebar to move the selection on the fly.
  11. Command-A = Select All.
  12. Command-D = Deselects Everything.
  13. Command-Shift-I Inverts the existing Selection.
  14. Command-Option-R brings up Refine Edge.
  15. Option-Click with Lasso tool to select a straight-sided selection.
  16. Shift-Click with Brush to draw straight lines.
  17. Press Option with Brush to get the Color-Lifting Eyedropper.
  18. Press Command to get the Move tool.
  19. Command-H = Hide Selection.
  20. Command-1 shows 1st channel (Red or Cyan)
  21. Command-2 shows 2nd channel (Green or Magenta)
  22. Command-3 shows 3rd channel (Blue or Yellow)
  23. Command-Tilde (~) shows a Full-Color Composite. (Read about the tilde if you like.)
  24. Command-L for Levels.
  25. Command-M for Curves.
  26. Command-B for Color Balance.
  27. Command-U for Hue/Saturation.
  28. Add the Option-key to bring up last settings for those last four.
  29. Command-Shift-Option for Black and White.
  30. In Levels & Curves, Option-drag that White Slider to preview your clip highlights
  31. Option-drag the Black Slider to preview clip shadows.
  32. DekePod-DuplicatefromHistory.pngWant to duplicate an image? Cool tip! Click this Icon at the bottom of history palette.
  33. Command-W to Close an image. Then…
  34. Y to save changes. (Windows Only)
  35. N to abandon changes. (Windows Only)
  36. …On a Mac: S=Save and D=Don’t Save.
  37. ESC to Cancel on both Mac and Windows.

Deke sings some more… (whew! Lots of typing!)

  1. Press Command-T to invoke Free Transform
  2. Enter to Apply, or ESC to Cancel.
  3. Command-Option-T will Transform a Copy!
  4. Command-Shift-T repeats the last Transformation.
  5. Command-Shift-Option-T plays a Transformation sequence.
  6. Press the Bracket keys [ or ] to change the size of a Brush.
  7. ..add the Shift key to change the brush hardness.
  8. Caps Lock for Precise cursors.
  9. Option key switches from Dodge to Burn or Burn to Dodge.
  10. Hitting the Period in Gradient tool switches between gradients.
  11. Here’s a tip: The Sharpen Tool Sucks! Don’t use it!
  12. Command-Click the Thumbnail in Layers or Paths palette to Load a Selection.
  13. Type Slash (/) to lock/unlock a Layer’s Transparency.
  14. Press Tilde (~) to hide an image while Viewing a Mask.
  15. Press Backslash (\) to view a Layer’s Mask.
  16. Command-Delete fills selection with the Background Color.
  17. Option-Delete fills selection with the Foreground Color.
  18. …add the Shift key to fill just the Opaque pixels. (cool!)
  19. Shift-Delete to bring up the Fill dialog box.
  20. Filling using the Behind mode locks out “preserve transparency”.
  21. Command-Brackets ([ or ]) moves Layers up or down.
  22. …add Shift to move Layers all the way to top or bottom.
  23. Option-Brackets ([ or ]) Selects Layers.
  24. …add Shift to select multiple layers.
  25. Command-Option-A to select All Layers.
  26. Command-G groups Layers into a group.
  27. Command-E will Merge Selected Layers.
  28. Command-Shift-E will Merge Visible Layers.
  29. Command-Option-E will Merge selected Layer onto the Layer below.
  30. Command-Shift-Option-E will Merge Everything onto a New Layer.
  31. Command-Shift-C Copies a Merged version of Layers.
  32. Command-Shift-V will paste an image into a Selection.
  33. Hit Tab to Hide all Palettes.
  34. Hit Shift-Tab to Hide just the Right-side Palettes.

Finally, Deke finishes up with a little more singing!

Curious what song Deke is butchering? It’s Popular by Nada Surf. You can get a copy of the original in Apple’s iTunes store, or from Amazon’s MP3 collection.

Note: After playing and pausing this video again and again to get everything transcribed, we discovered that Deke has already provided the full transcription on his own site: 101 Photoshop Tips: Transcribed! (Free account required for access)

Source: It’s been over two years since Deke released his first/last dekePod episode: How to use scanned money in Adobe Photoshop. Deke is promising new bi-weekly episodes of dekePod on his new dekeOnline blog. Here is to hoping it won’t be another two years before the next episode.

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