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CreativeTechs QuickTips #87 Week of March 20, 2006

Creative Tip: Create simple imposed booklets from PDFs.

Here is a recent question from one of CreativeTechs' priority clients:

"Do you know if there is a plug-in available for InDesign that easily creates imposed booklets? There used to be InBooklet from ALAP, but it appears that they were acquired by Quark (aaarghh!!)."

Great question! Until a new developer comes along, or Adobe creates their own solution, here are a couple choices for InDesign users:

A). Use InBooklet SE (Bundled with InDesign CS2). Although Quark has pulled the plug on the full InBooklet tool, a special edition version still ships with InDesign CS2. For some people, that may be enough reason to upgrade to the CS2 version of InDesign.

B) Use Cheap Imposter to create impositions from a PDF. Cheap Impostor ($35) is a simple page imposition software. Just save your InDesign document out as a PDF and run it through this tool. If you want to print and bind booklets, magazines, or even long books, Cheap Imposter might be all the imposition software you need. (www.cheapimpostor.com)

Source: In December, QuarkXPress bought ALAP (A Lowly Apprentice Production Inc) which makes a number of InDesign and QuarkXpress plug-ins. This month Quark announced they will no longer sell the InDesign plug-ins from ALAP's collection. (Read a good article in the Quark vs InDesign blog.)

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