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CreativeTechs QuickTips #73 Week of December 23, 2005

Holiday Emergency Gift: Fold your own PowerMac G5!

Need a last minute gift for that special creative pro? How about a new computer? Some assembly (and a good exacto knife) will be required.

For this year's holiday tip, your friendly left-brain team at CreativeTechs has spent more time than we can justify tracking down templates for a wide variety of cut-out Macintosh computers.

Browse through the list of available computers below. Each link will download a PDF template. Print out on card stock for best results. Enjoy.

Apple iPhone (added 01-12-07):

Apple iPhone

Modern Macs:

PowerMac G5
iMac Flat Panel
PowerBook G4

iPods and Accessories:

iPod Video
iPod (click wheel version)
iPod (original)
iPod Mini
iPod Shuffle
iPod Stand (actually works)

Legacy Macs:

Mac Plus (1986)
Mac SE/30 (1989)
Mac IIci (1989)
Mac Classic II (1991)
Mac LC II (1992)
Mac Color Classic (1993)
Mac LC 520 (1993)
Mac Quadra 840av (1993)
Power Mac 6100 (1994)
Performa 5200 (1995)
Performa 5420 Black Case (1996)
Power Mac 7600 (1996)
Performa 6400 (1996)

Legacy PowerBooks:

PowerBook 100 (1991)
PowerBook Duo 250 w/ DuoDock (1993)
PowerBook 550c (1995)

Legacy Displays:

16-inch RGB Display (1996)
AppleVision 1710AV (1997)

Paper Mac Ornaments:

red, silver, green, gold, blue, black

Other Themes:

Faux Fur Mac
Mandelbrot Mac
Jellybean Mac
Banksy Mac
Warhol Mac
Postsecret Mac
TW Mac

Visit intermaweb.net for a growing portfolio of paper mac art pieces. Some linked above. Probably easier to see than to explain.

Note: These PDFs were compiled over too many nights of Google searching. Several of the sites originally hosting these files are no longer available. We've compiled this collection from a wide variety of sources. Most PDFs include the creator's name in the layout. We apologize for any people we are not crediting properly.

[Source: This long quest was started by a short article on Wired.com. Sites included in our hunt include: theapplecollection.com, Paper Craft Design, intermaweb.net, PaperToys, and many others. The iPod stand was created by Piers Morgan and comes from a hint from Julie Jennings at Brass-Key Keepsakes. Finally, the PowerMac G5 template was tracked down through some impressive sleuthing by Kurt Jones at Milliman. Thanks everyone! Happy holidays.]

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