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CreativeTechs QuickTips #31 Week of March 14, 2005

Tip One: Send big files easily.

Need to get a file to a client that is too large to email? Then here are three websites you should bookmark for future use:

http://www.dropload.com (up to 100MB)

http://www.yousendit.com (up to 1GB)

http://www.sendthisfile.com (up to 2GB)

They all work by letting you upload your file using a Web browser. You provide the email address of the person you are sending to, and the service automatically sends an email message to that person with a link in it. Your recipient uses that link to download your file using their own web browser.

The files are automatically removed from the system in a week or so. Some of these services also include a feature that will notify you by email when your recipient has downloaded the file.

[Source: Design Tools Monthly, quoted from Macworld 02/05 pg. 20.]

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Tip Two: Photoshop CS doesn't open double-clicked files?

Here is a problem we're seeing recently: When designers try to open an image in Adobe Photoshop by double-clicking it or dragging it to the Photoshop icon, Photoshop opens, but the image does not. If this has been bugging you, here is the answer:

The Cause:

This problem occurs when the "Adobe Unit Types" file is missing from your Mac OS X library folder. This is most often caused by performing an Archive and Install method to upgrade to Panther from an other version of Mac OS X.

The Fix:

Solution #1: Copy "Adobe Unit Types" file to the correct folder.

If you've performed an Archive and Install recently, there may be a Previous System folder on your hard drive. Look inside that folder for a file called "Adobe Unit Types." This file needs to be moved back into the following folder:

[hard drive]/Library/ScriptingAdditions

Note: If the folder "ScriptingAdditions" does not yet exist in your Library folder, you can create it yourself. Make sure to use the exact spelling shown in this example (no spaces). If you can't find "Adobe Unit Types" on your hard drive, you can download a stuffed copy of the file here.

Solution #2: Reinstall Photoshop CS.

Reinstalling Photoshop CS places the missing "Adobe Unit Types" file back where it should be, thus fixing the problem.

[Source: This problem has been cropping up at a number of studios. If this tip helps you, please let us know! Additional details at Adobe Knowledgebase Document 329996.]

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